Sunday, August 25, 2013

yum-my ~ get your public yum-repo rolling on Google AppEngine

Wanna get your public yum repository rolling,

Get started by cloning boilerplate code...
$ git clone
$ cd gae-flat-web
$ mkdir -p yummy/<distro><releasever>/<basearch>

$ cp <all_my_rpms_of__distro_releasever_basearch> yummy/<distro><releasever>/<basearch>

$ createrepo yummy/<distro><releasever>/<basearch>/

now, place a file 'flat_web/yum-my-el6<or-whichever>.repo' with content 

and can link this file on your 'flat_web/index.htm' homepage to host: $ google_appengine/ update

have a look at my repo code @

For demo, here is the one I'm hosting

Saturday, August 3, 2013

woes & ways in CentOS install via USB

I've been a regular-irregular user of CentOS over time an all the times in past from what I remember installing it with CD/DVDs.

Just tried installing it  with USB and things got messy. Tried minimal, net-install and DVD iso to the level of getting tired. Everything goes well until the bootloader set-up screen comes up and then set-up goes to hell. It shows error for not founding ISO 9660 on the device. Tried un-mounting and mounting different partitions over '/mnt/isodir' and clicking 'retry' button. Nothing worked.

Either read out following links article#1 (Install from USBKey), article#2 (fix mount image error) and try the solutions/steps in there.

The install boot option from LiveCD/LiveDVD dumped on USB worked just fine for me.